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Raising Rabbits the Moden Way by Bob Bennet is a great book.  Links include:
If you are considering selling your rabbits to processers this is a link to all the processers in the US
This site has a handbook on raising rabbits if you want to buy 

The America Rabbit Breeders Assoc. is a great place for info, and membership is a small fee

 Some new sites with diferent breeds of rabbits I have been visiting are:

At Lazee Bunnie Farm in NH Sarah raises Jersey Woolys and Mini Rex  

Also a great site for learning to raise meat rabbits is

Roger is a great friend and wonderful NZW rabbit raiser in NH

Here is a breeders directory by state



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New Rabbitry Set-up!!!

Silver Ridge Rabbitry is pleased to announce that we have changed our set-up. Previously we were raising out of our garage. That was not an ideal situation, now we are cooking, we have stacking cages from our manufacturer, in a milk house adapted from my father's cow barn, generations of farmers, now in my family. My new set-up is stacking cages with trays. It is so organized and neat, and I hope to keep it that way. I can not say enough about setting it (the rabbitry) up once and doing it right the first time. I just sold off my used cages, that didn't fit into the rabbitry, now I have new and wonderful challenges with my rabbitry. I can not stress how much you want to think about your set-up (cages feeders watering systems, etc.) As much as you want to find the best stock to begin with. If you begin with great stock and a great set-up you can deal with minimal or plenty of space, a barn with poop falling, or stacking trays in basement or a garage or shed. Rabbits are a commitment, so start with the best stock and supplies. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in seeing our set-up.

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