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Our popular warmer pad has several new features to make it more safe and effective. All of our warmer pads are now manufactured with an improved element that distributes the heat more evenly across the pad. New internal thermostat regulates maximum heat output of each unit to keep temperature between 95 and 100 degrees F. All warmers now come standard with our new spring style chew guard on the cord to minimize the possibility of the animal biting through the cord. Caution should still be used to make sure that the cord is always routed out of the cage or nest box away from the animal. Also incorporated into the unit is an internal overload protector to prevent accidental shock in the unlikely event of a short circuit or damage to the electrical components of the pad.

No. NBW2S - 9" x 17" - 29.95

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New Rabbitry Set-up!!!

Silver Ridge Rabbitry is pleased to announce that we have changed our set-up. Previously we were raising out of our garage. That was not an ideal situation, now we are cooking, we have stacking cages from our manufacturer, in a milk house adapted from my father's cow barn, generations of farmers, now in my family. My new set-up is stacking cages with trays. It is so organized and neat, and I hope to keep it that way. I can not say enough about setting it (the rabbitry) up once and doing it right the first time. I just sold off my used cages, that didn't fit into the rabbitry, now I have new and wonderful challenges with my rabbitry. I can not stress how much you want to think about your set-up (cages feeders watering systems, etc.) As much as you want to find the best stock to begin with. If you begin with great stock and a great set-up you can deal with minimal or plenty of space, a barn with poop falling, or stacking trays in basement or a garage or shed. Rabbits are a commitment, so start with the best stock and supplies. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in seeing our set-up.

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