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Thanks to Everyone who has inspired me.

Posted by Silver Ridge Rabbitry on June 7, 2014 at 10:25 PM

I would like to thank my husband Scott Ouellette  for deciding 6 years ago to make rabbit stew in a special pot  that his his brother Mike Ouellette gave us for our wedding. That started a thing that I would have never belived possibe.  Thank you to Scotts father. Who when I said why buy rabbit meat, why not just raise your own rabbts, got us a our first four rabbits. That began a journey that has grown way beyond what it started as. Thank you to my father, when I said I need some pedigreed rabbits. Brought me to the National  New Zealand Show and helped me get my first show rabbits. Rabbits that I still have today and that will retire here at the farm. Thank you to all the breeders that have helped me. Jim Bounakes, Paul Grunditch, Robert Crawford, Mike Dennesiuo, and Allen Bush because of your dedication I have the best rabbits and continue to evolve. 

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New Rabbitry Set-up!!!

Silver Ridge Rabbitry is pleased to announce that we have changed our set-up. Previously we were raising out of our garage. That was not an ideal situation, now we are cooking, we have stacking cages from our manufacturer, in a milk house adapted from my father's cow barn, generations of farmers, now in my family. My new set-up is stacking cages with trays. It is so organized and neat, and I hope to keep it that way. I can not say enough about setting it (the rabbitry) up once and doing it right the first time. I just sold off my used cages, that didn't fit into the rabbitry, now I have new and wonderful challenges with my rabbitry. I can not stress how much you want to think about your set-up (cages feeders watering systems, etc.) As much as you want to find the best stock to begin with. If you begin with great stock and a great set-up you can deal with minimal or plenty of space, a barn with poop falling, or stacking trays in basement or a garage or shed. Rabbits are a commitment, so start with the best stock and supplies. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in seeing our set-up.

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